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In his career as Draughting and Survey specialist, Sarel has come across many challenges facing the South African telecommunications industry.
Through years of consultation, leadership and management he has been privileged to formulize implement and lead companies, departments of several large mining and telecommunications giants and individuals to solutions based strategies.
Over the past 10 years, he has led the company from strength to strength and has trained over 100 fiber planners.Not only is his main roots imbedded deep within this industry, but his road to success has led him to learn to be humble, gentle and respectful.
Keeping in mind that we are trying to create a better life for all South Africans through better and more affective communications strategies, it is vital to start at the core of one’s own passion and interest. He’s is Engineering and Technology.
  • Design Draughtsman / fabrication controller and installation specialist for several BTS sites in and around Gauteng. (2001)
  • EDT founded in August 2006.
  • Contract awarded from Nokia Siemens Networks to EDT to become the “In-House” Survey and Design Company who facilitated all Fiber Optic related design requirements. (2006 - 2010)
  • Opportunities awarded from DFA (Dark Fiber Africa) to EDT to facilitate Fiber Survey and Design Services for the roll-out of the DFA NGN network nationally. (2007 - 2010)
  • Zain / CelTel with NSN awarded EDT the sub-contract to manage all Fiber related Surveys and Designs in the following countries for the Open Access Network which was installed into Africa:
    • Tanzania
    • Malawi
    • Zambia (2008)
  • Contract awarded from Neotel to EDT to become the “In-House” Survey and Design Company who facilitated all Fiber Optic related design requirements. (2009 - 2014)
  • Opportunities awarded from several Fiber Contractors to EDT to facilitate Fiber Survey and Design Services for the roll-out of Fiber Infrastructure (OSP and ISP) (2006 - present)
  • Contracts awarded from Huawei and ZTE to EDT to facilitate Fiber Survey and Design Services for the roll-out of Fiber Infrastructure (OSP and ISP) (2007 - present)

Other projects include the following:

Neotel, Vodacom and MTN requested our consultancy in the design and roll-out of several large projects connecting South African Telecommunications Infrastructures to those of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.With our successful relationships and performance between Neotel and SANRAL, we have been invited to participate in the design of the Sanral Toll Road System. We have managed to complete the total fiber optic reticulation on the major freeways on time and proved to be an engineering success after installations.Other Projects such as the national connection of Universities in South Africa, consulting to FiberCo exposed us to national long distance fiber deployments.
This in turn opened the consulting services to Eskom and Airports Company South Africa to connect and reticulate their properties/institutions with Fiber Networks.EDT has been privileged to survey and design the entire V&A Waterfront in Cape Town for Fiber infrastructure.Our national engineering fiber deployment involved FTT”X” – Fiber to the Business / Retail environment / Home / Curb for the past 10 years.We have surveyed and planned Fiber Networks of various Architectures such as Point to Point, MEF and PON to over 12 000 properties as well as over 42,000 km of Fiber in the public domains nationally.
Our experience evolved to Open Access Telecommunications solutions and did we consult and sub contract to Open Access providers such as DFA / Link Africa / Open Serve / City of Cape Town to design and manage thousands of projects both in the public and private domains for a full Fiber Provisioning into several areas over the past couple of years.The company evolved to become the leading fiber survey and design company in SA and in abroad with a dedicated purpose to the engineering and technological advancement of fiber telecommunications requirements in fiber planning.
Our goal for the company was set and targeted to focus on challenges and difficulties for improved network design, Fiber roll-out, wayleave criteria and land lord approvals working in close relation with Installation Contractors, Property Owners, Major Networks and multiple Service Providers.Our experience from ground zero to top executive board level has earned us a reputation of understanding (we are not afraid to get our hands dirty on site) the full scope of requirements on the Tenant, Property Owner and Service Provider side. It has taught us to be strategic, compliant, conservative and specific in the scope to make ends meet.
  1. We have the most experience

  2. We are the highest qualified

  3. We have a national and international footprint

  4. We are dedicated and have dedicated resources

  5. Our work has the highest quality

  6. Our rates are competitive and do we share on rates offered by clients

  7. We have a very broad range of additional services

  8. We understand wayleaves, landlords, service providers requirements

  9. We have the best reputation

  10. We are negotiable

  11. We are compliant

  12. We are safe and reliant


EDT BEE Compliance

Under these regulations businesses that are BEE compliant will enjoy a stronger position when tendering for business contracts – both in the public and private sectors.

E.D.T. is committed to promote BEE compliance by highlighting the full accompanying benefits. It is important for us to incorporate BEE compliance into our strategic planning.

Our current score is Level 4 (100%).A current copy of our BEE certificate can be requested.

E.D.T. is committed to health & safety regulations for a safer work environment. Our health & safety portfolio reflect important issues that address risk assessments and safe work procedures for all EDT staff and sub-contractors under normal work procedures.
Safety gear, training and inspections follow with strict company policies.
A copy of our current Health and Safety file can be presented on request.