Offers & Services

What EDT Offers You


  • Fiber Route Desktop Studies
  • Optimized network design capability
  • Identification & Integration design with existing infrastructures
  • Detail OSP Surveys
  • Detail ISP Surveys
  • Site Acquisitions and candidate identifications
  • Managing Customer Appointments
  • Land Lord Approvals
  • Lease Agreements
  • Detailed Drawings of Topographical layouts/Site or Route Localities/Logic Diagrams
  • Detailed Floor Layout Drawings of Buildings and Fiber Routes to be followed
  • ROW/Wayleave Drawings
  • Bill Of Quantities and Bill of Services
  • Contractor Quotes
  • Network Data Capturing (Example: Small World / Google Earth)
  • As-Builds (Re-Measure and Redline Capturing on Drawings and BOM/BOS)
  • BTS Site layout design and creation of detailed drawings
  • Specialized Rooftop Designs for various Telecoms applications
  • Highly specialized Draughting services for any detail site drawing requirements, in the fields of:
    • Civil Designs
    • Mechanical Designs
    • Structural Designs
    • Architectural layouts and designs
    • 3D Artistic Proposal drawings and impressions
Our vision is to supply survey and design services and deliver these planning documents according to specifications supplied by the customer within specific time frames.
We specialize in high quality detailed fiber planning drawings and accurate Bill of Quantities (BOQ’s).
Our aim is to make sure all drawings are approved and projects remain within budgets limiting any variation orders.
Our As-Built variation is between 0 and maximum 3% over or under planned budget on an average project which is exceptionally well, considering the factor of rocky conditions during trenching which is the major cause for higher project costs.
 We do in some cases plan for a small additional factor, but have found that the demand for more accurate fiber surveys, planning and costs have grown in most large network requirements.
We deliver proper pre-planning to ensure a fiber route is properly designed considering aspects such as:
  • services
  • engineering challenges
  • geological analysis
  • environmental issues
  • wayleave conditions
  • property requirements
EDT has trained spatial engineers and telecoms planners to suit virtually any need you might require from OSP (Outside Service Plant) to ISP (Inside Service Plant) Survey and Design requirements.
We also have the expertise of a few of the most experienced telecoms planners the country has to offer with more than 30 years’ experience in the business.(not combined)This backing has proved invaluable to us in the past in the merging of old technologies with the new.
 EDT has a philosophy of sharpening pencils on a regular basis. Our highly experienced staff constantly undergoes training on new specifications and requirements of industry.
We also actively measure surveyor performance with SLA times and As-Built variations.
Should a surveyor not perform well, we would supply additional support and training during exercises until the individual has fully grasped the requirements or replace with another.
 We base our basic survey and design standards on the Telkom history as most planners have a Telkom planning background.
The new generations we bring to market are trained by Ex-Telkom fiber and transmission planners; however network architectures and client requirements are constantly on the change, hence our need and ability to adapt accordingly.